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Dec 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
of actor paul walker, police zero in on the cause of the crash. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, passengers on the new york commuter train that jumped e >>> federal investigators are interviewing the crew and the passengers on that new york commuter train that jumped the tracks killing four people. reporter marlie hall explains speed may have been a factor. >> reporter: workers used cranes to upright train cars that toppled during the deadly crash. investigators from the national transportation safety board are looking for clues that might explain what caused the commuter train to jump the tracks. they are also analyzing the train's data recorders to determine if the engineer may have been going too fast as he rounded a bend. >> a curve like this has a speed limit and the speed limit was 30 miles an hour. at that speed, there should be no problem navigating the curve. >> reporter: the train's engineer william rockefeller, jr., has not yet spoken to investigators. a law enforcement source told cbs news, rockefeller informed first responders the brakes were not working properly. until the tracks are cle
Dec 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
that killed actor paul walker. the charges he now faces. >> and we are learning more about the american gunned down in libya. why his students there say he was more than just a teacher. >> clouds now streaming into our skies. we have some rain on the way maybe a little snow. when will we finally warm things up? we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, walker died in. "jameson witty" >>> an 18-year-old is under arrest for stealing part of the porsche which "fast & furious" actor paul walker died in. the man is accused of following the tow truck carrying the wreckage and grabbing a car part. detectives searched a home north of los angeles and found the porsche's roof panel. a second suspect is also expected to surrender. >>> the u.s. state department has confirmed the killing of an american teacher working in benghazi, libya. ronald thomas smith was a chemistry teacher at the international school. a group of men in a black jeep pulled up and opened fire on him while he was jogging. smith was beloved by his students and they say he offered free private tutoring and they looked at him as
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
safely through a back door. no one was injured. >>> autopsies are scheduled today on actor paul walker and his business partner, who both died in a fiery crash. this is sped-up surveillance video here showing the crash and the explosion afterwards. police say walker and roger rodas crashed while driving a porsche carerra after a fundraiser in santa clarita on saturday. speed is believed to have been a factor. autopsy results are not expected to be released today because the coroner is still waiting for dental records to identify the bodies. >>> today we are getting new images of that fatal train accident in new york city over the weekend that killed four people. cbs reporter marlie hall explains why federal investigators believe the train was going too fast when it derailed. >> reporter: newly released video gives a close-up look at toppled train cars and the mangled tracks left behind in the wake of sunday's deadly derailment. investigators say the metro- north commuter train was traveling at nearly three times the speed limit when it came around a bend in the bronx, new york. >> the
Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
the owner was home at the time. >>> also now an autopsy shows "fast & furious" star paul walker died from both the impact and fire from last saturday's car crash. in this new video you can see a light pole and tree fall down. at first, smoke is barely visible. then it begins to billow heavily. it took about a minute before the time of the crash and the first signs of smok when the vehicle burst into flames. walker's friend, the driver, also died. >>> the man at the controls of the train that crashed in new york sunday is getting more grilling from federal investigators today. the train's engineer told them he was in a daze and nodded off before he realized something was wrong. his union leader was with engineer william rockefeller during his testimony yesterday. >> it was a lapse and that was a nod or however they want to couch it however it will be explained today, and it was a mistake that any of us could make and he caught that mistake too late. >> investigators found no problems with the train's brakes or with track signals. meanwhile, one of the three tracks near the accident scene r
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4